WordPress Plugins for Faster Loading Including Asset Cleaning (3 Best plugins)

by | Aug 16, 2022 | SEO TOOL

WordPress Plugins for Faster Loading is one of the most important features that we are going to discuss in this Post. My hands-on experience with WordPress leads me to believe it is one of the best frameworks for creating websites & blogs.

In addition to its easy-to-use features and extensive library of freely available plugins, WordPress allows even non-coders to create professional websites. All you need to do is use the built-in functionalities and the right add-ons smartly.

The speed of WordPress can be improved by using add-ons, such as plugins.

Recent changes in Google’s ranking algorithm have made site loading speed even more important for ranking high.

Learn how to speed up WordPress with this video guide:

Now is the perfect time for me to share my first-hand list of helpful WordPress plugins to increase website speed. To determine whether these plugins work for your site, I recommend you measure your site speed before and after installation using Google Page Speed Insights or a similar tool.

In this way, you will be able to comprehend their effects better. Please let me know if there is anything I missed after installing these plugins.

WordPress Plugins for Faster Loading

It would be best if you also used the following plugins:

  • Preloading pages before users click on them is known as flying pages.
  • Flying scripts: A plugin that delays the loading of 3rd party scripts. After using this plugin, I noticed a noticeable speed improvement.
  • Native Lazy Load: Lazy load media files via the native browser. Google launched it

Listed below are tips to make your WordPress Plugins for Faster Loading

Below are a few WordPress plugins that can help speed up your site.

WordPress Rocket

The WP-Rocket plugin is the best plugin for fast-loading WordPress sites. A plugin is suitable for new and existing WordPress blogs with high traffic. Here is a video blog (at the end of this post) to help you understand what this plugin does and how to use it.

WP-Rocket automatically caches your WordPress site’s database objects, posts, pages, content, etc. It improves server-side performance, reduces download time, and integrates CDNs smoothly for faster site speed. The plugin isn’t free, but it’s well worth the money.

Plugin for Asset Cleanup in WordPress

Many WordPress users are unaware of this plugin. An asset cleanup plugin is perfect for existing WordPress blogs with optimized cache, CDN, and other things that need further improvement.

With this plugin, you can control which scripts load on your pages. Watch the below video to understand how the Asset cleanup plugin works, then start optimizing your key pages.

Plugin for Asset Cleanup in WordPress

Plugin for optimizing short-pixel images

In addition to being a must-have for sites with at least a couple of images per post, this plugin is also beneficial for other sites. The program reduces image file size by compressing JPG & PNG files and converting high-size formats into JPG & PNG.

While it performs lossless image compression, it can also be set to perform lossy compression if you are not concerned about the image’s visual quality.

Cleaner for advanced databases

A bloated database usually causes slow WordPress.

It is unlikely that most websites will have an extensive database, but there will be many redundant rows. In WordPress, removing such rows is not as difficult as in other frameworks.

The Advanced Database cleaner is a plugin that automatically identifies and removes redundant, i.e., unnecessary, entries in your database.

Video lazy loading

Lazy Load For Videos will automatically identify videos in your post and replace them with a static thumbnail. The video will only load when the user clicks the thumbnail. In WordPress, videos can also be configured to load only on request.

For pages with video elements, this reduces loading time.

An organizer for plugins

Last but not least, I have a plugin that keeps other plugins neatly arranged. As you identify the heavy and lighter plugins with P3, you can decide which plugins are most important for your site and which are least important.

Plugin Organizer allows you to load specific plugins only on particular pages and set their loading order manually.

In addition, I highly recommend you configure Cloudflare with your blog. You can use it for free, and it offers free CDN and makes your blog secure. You can read more about the benefits here.

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