How to Start Digital Marketing Business in India

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is a form of advertising that focuses on the internet and social media channels, with many people believing it just includes Facebook ads. However, digital marketers often do more than post advertisements to these platforms; they are also responsible for tracking consumer data through analytics in order to develop personalized messages for specific demographics or regions.

A lot of companies consider online promotion as an essential tool when launching new products because consumers who buy them will be able to see their company’s logo across multiple screens without spending any money whatsoever on offline advertising space.

Marketing online organically and inorganically is a process that includes marketing through social media, organic promotion of products on the web such as Google Ads, content creation for different platforms like blogs or podcasts. It also entails managing an online reputation by monitoring what others are saying about you.

Marketing your business both naturally (through strategies like creating quality blog posts) and artificially with ads can seem difficult at first glance but it’s easier than ever these days thanks to tools available from companies just like ours!

Digital marketing is a field with immense knowledge and one that takes time to master. That being said, it’s not any different from other professions in the sense of what can be learned after years of experience. Once acquired, this knowledge will mean you are competent enough to take up digital marketing as your chosen profession which just needs more time for growth

What is used to be?

Digital marketing used to be easy. All one needed was SEO and some ads, which is what a lot of people did back then. They put up links on the home page or in the footer, ranking at number 1 for everything they wanted their website to rank highly for – that’s all there was before social media became popular!

When it started out, digital marketing was really simple: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) combined with advertising were enough most times; sometimes you just had to add as many links onto your homepage or into your site’s footers as possible so Google would see them when crawling through sites like yours.

In search of the most relevant websites, Google changed its algorithms to recognize spammy and irrelevant sites for what they were. For instance, in time it started identifying bad links on a website’s home page or footer as indicators of low-quality pages that should be removed from the indexing process entirely. As these mechanisms became more sophisticated over time, websites with content matching user queries began appearing at top spots much faster than before!

The Situation Now

Online promotion has become more of a science than an art form in the age of intelligent search engines. The sites that come up at the top now are those who have mastered online marketing strategies, ethics and strategy, great content, and hard work.

12 steps to Start and Grow a Digital Marketing Business

  • Learn Digital Marketing
  • Create a Company Website
  • Define your Brand Name
  • Purchase domain & hosting
  • Create Social Media Profiles with Viral Content
  • Apply for the Google Certification and Become Google Partner
  • Pick Up the projects from Freelancer Websites in India
  • Create Long Term Relationship with the Client
  • Cracked InBound Marketing Exams
  • Content is the King
  • Create Landing Pages with Showcase Projects
  • Target Specific Industry

Learn Digital Marketing & Management Skills

Clients contact businesses every day and are looking for advice on how they can use the internet. However, not everyone knows exactly what to do when it comes to marketing themselves online which is where you come in as a digital marketer! Help people out by providing them with tips about content creation or social media management so that their business grows from your help alone.

Learning more will be the first step towards succeeding in this industry of digital marketers because those who make an effort have better understanding than someone without any knowledge at all. The more skillsets you acquire, such as communication abilities or software usage experience; the higher chance there exists of growing one’s agency while getting paid well too! If success depends upon skill sets then being passionate about helping businesses

There is a trend in the digital marketing world where people start business without any knowledge on how to make quick money. Most of these companies close within 1-2 years because they cannot find or hire good talent and estimate projects correctly, making this an unsustainable business strategy for them.

If you want to bridge the gap and learn digital marketing in-depth, you can also join our digital marketing course from Web Trainings Academy. This course will ensure you practically master every topic and apply them to your client projects.

The most important skills to develop as an entrepreneur are not always the ones you think. Apart from technical knowledge, experts recommend developing your management and sales skills in order to succeed with clients and operations. Most entrepreneurs who fail have great insight into a topic but fall short when it comes time for managing others or making connections within their industry on behalf of the company they work for – these two aspects can make or break success!

Many people believe that entrepreneurship is all about mastering certain skill sets like engineering technology, design software programs, development languages; while those things do come into play during day-to-day activities what many don’t realize is how crucial other areas such as marketing strategy planning become over time which leads us back to why learning more than one

Create a Company Website

A company website is a necessary tool for your business. These days, people want to know more about the company they are buying from before they make a purchase. A company website will give potential customers an inside look at who you are and what you do.

Building a digital marketing business in India is really an interesting process, but you need to make sure that your website and blog are up-to-date with the latest trends. You could start by creating quality content for your own blog or site using some awesome themes such as Thrive Themes which can be installed on WordPress blogs!

Define your Brand Name

Shakespeare may not have had much experience with selecting names for his plays, but it is true that a name can make all the difference in branding. In Shakespeare’s time people would never even think about reading something they couldn’t pronounce or see their brain automatically translate to an entirely different language on its own accord; whereas today digital marketing has fundamentally changed how we interact with content and information globally. You need a name that will be memorable – if you don’t believe me just ask Google whether Yahoo! ever existed as an internet company before acquiring them (the answer is no). Today your agency needs more than just any old gimmick: come up with something bold like “SMASH” Agency LLC so when someone hears of it, they’ll know better than.

Purchase domain & hosting

Domain Name

Register your domain name as soon as you have decided on a brand. Choosing the right extension is an important decision that should not be taken lightly, so do some research first before deciding which one to go with. And once it’s registered and paid for, don’t post on social media sites asking people what they think of your idea; someone will register the URL when they see this and list them up for resale later!

If you’re looking for a domain to set up your website, I recommend buying .com or country extensions (.in, because they are the most popular and recognizable domains in the world. However, if you really want something like www.yournamehere-blogger then look into premium names that may be more expensive but will give off an exclusive vibe with just one letter different from what everyone else has – which is great for branding!


If you’re just starting out with your website, I would recommend either shared or cloud hosting. Both of these options are less expensive and should be good enough for smaller websites. If you decide to go the more expensive route – VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a great option if need to run multiple servers on one machine though it’s not necessary unless they have high traffic spikes where dedicated hosting might be better suited because it offers complete control over resources like processor speed, memory, disk space, etc., that will cost twice as much than what we discussed before! 

Create Social Media Profiles with Viral Content

You may be wondering how your business or company can get a lot of likes on Facebook. Here are some ideas you should try in order to grow and take off!

1) Create social media profiles for your digital marketing company, like Twitter, Instagram, etc., don’t forget the logo at the top! Utilize these platforms by posting updates about what’s going on with you in terms of work as well as cool stories from around town–as longs as they’re related to our industry we’ll pay attention.

 2) Post content that is attractive enough so people will want more-think videos rather than text posts which tend not only to provide information but also let us see who you really are behind all those TPS reports

 3). Consider looking

Apply for the Google Certification and Become Google Partner

As a Google partner, you will be able to take advantage of exclusive events and training tailored for digital marketing professionals. You can also earn certifications that demonstrate your experience in the field while gaining access to industry research only available on limited occasions.

Pick Up the projects from Freelancer Websites in India

Why not become an entrepreneur and work for yourself! There are so many freelancer websites that have digital marketing projects from big companies like Google to small startups. You just need time, dedication, and creativity to start your own business today.

Imagine you’re sitting at the top of your empire. You just finished a meeting with one client and have another waiting for you in five minutes. But as soon as they walk out, someone walks up to your desk asking if there’s any freelance work available – what would happen? It doesn’t matter how big or small this person is; it could be an email from somebody who works remotely that can take on different types of projects like graphic design, web development, and video editing all together among other things! The possibilities are endless when looking through various freelancer websites where digital marketing project opportunities await!

Create Long Term Relationship with the Client

You will find that the more projects you complete, and your clients get to know you better and see how much work you put into each project they hire for. They won’t hesitate in hiring on a long-term basis when it is necessary or just want something simple done.

Freelancing can be an excellent way of building up relationships with many different people who need help from time to time by investing all of those freelancer earnings back into the company itself so as not to lose money while waiting for new jobs to come through

All freelancers want to find clients that they can keep long-term. Investing your earnings from freelance work into digital marketing will help you build a successful, sustainable business for yourself in this competitive field!

Freelancing is tough these days with always-changing trends and technology but it doesn’t mean we should give up on our passions just yet. By reinvesting what little time or money you have left after working hard as a freelancer back into becoming an expert in one’s area of interest – like digital marketing – then success may be at hand sooner than expected!

Cracked InBound Marketing Exams

Register your website for free on HubSpot his is a program that will teach you all about inbound marketing– its quick, easy-to-follow lessons are designed by industry experts who have already been through this process themselves. You can also take their exam at any time which tests knowledge of the most important points from each lesson so be sure not to skip over anything if you’re looking for an easy A+.

Content is the King

Create a stunning blog on word press or blogger and write quality content about your industry. Submit to off-site blogs, use guest posts for more links from reputable domains, offer pdfs of your articles via services such as Scribd and Slideshare in order to increase traffic: these are all ways you can get high rankings!

The potential for a new and innovative business to stand out from the competition is huge when they create their own personal or professional blog with quality content that speaks directly to what customers are looking on google, social media sites like Facebook, or Twitter. There are many different ways bloggers can use blogs as another form of marketing by submitting guest postings to industry-related domains where companies compete for high rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Bloggers should also be mindful about creating pdfs and powerpoints which contain rich images, videos, etc., so these elements will help boost backlinks through infographics submissions onto other sites that have evergreen traffic

Create Landing Pages with Showcase Projects

With our email marketing, we can make landing pages and run the ad words campaign to ensure that your company is getting a lead. With past projects and live examples of what you’ll get with us on board, there’s no better way for any business than MailerLite!

The best way to get your content seen is by driving traffic through a strategic marketing campaign. We can help you with anything from landing page design, AdWords campaigns, and email marketing for the company’s lead generation goals.

I’m not sure if we’ve met before but I work as an online marketer at North Coast Web Solutions LLC where our team of experts are focused on providing innovative solutions tailored around each client’s unique needs in order to deliver maximum ROI and satisfaction.

Target Specific Industry

The time is now! Digital marketing has never been more in demand. Whether you’re looking to start your own business or have experience under your belt, the following article will provide helpful insights on how to set up a successful digital marketing company and get ahead of the competition.


1. Is digital marketing a good business to start?

Although digital marketing is already a decade old and there are many big players, the industry still has significant potential for anyone who wants to start their own agency. You don’t need to be thinking about growing as fast as possible from the beginning because even smaller agencies can coexist with bigger ones in this eclectic field.

When you have a niche, your business will be able to stand out from the crowd. You don’t want to struggle with trying to do everything as if that would be possible. Keep it simple and focus on one industry or service instead of being mediocre in all aspects, which is impossible anyway because there are so many industries available these days!

2. How much does it cost to start a digital marketing agency in India?

Digital marketing agencies work hard to help you increase your brand visibility and lead generation so that you can get the best services at affordable prices.

Digital marketing prices range from ₹20,000 to ₹100,000 per year for small businesses. Make sure you take this into account when creating an initial budget proposal, as it is a process that requires continual investment in order to see results! The size of your company and the scale of your project will impact these numbers greatly.

3.Is digital marketing profitable?

Every business wants to be successful and profitable. Digital marketing has the ability to offer a variety of services that can help your company meet these goals, but you need to do things differently than other businesses in order for them to work properly. By combining multiple digital service offerings into one proposal (profiting from both monthly/residual as well as one-time), this is where most companies see their revenue really take off with possible earnings up to $5,000 to $30,000 per month depending on what kind of client they are working with based on their needs and how much effort will go into each individual project.

4.How much do digital marketers earn in India?

In the Digital Marketing field, beginners or freshers their an average salary is about 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs per year. A Digital Marketing Manager (entry-level) earns an average salary of *5,48,755 per year in India. The salary range of a Senior Digital marketing manager In India is ₹7lakhs – ₹10 lakhs, if they have more than 5 to 10 years of experience.


Starting up a digital marketing agency is a great step towards your future growth but not as easy as it looks. Before you move ahead things to make in your mind:

  1. Don’t rush to do things fast.
  2. Take your time to make steps and build your agency that delivers genuine results.
  3. Make sure you follow our master guide.

Building a digital marketing agency is a great step, make sure you must learn things, adapt and implement the unique strategies. don’t try to copy another method this could not be effective.