Hotstar UK Promo Code: HUNDRED *Verified UK Annul Plan*

by | May 12, 2020 | Hotstar UK Promo Code

If you are looking for “Hotstar UK Promo Code” or “Hotstar UK Subscription Offer“.

You are in the right place, and in this article, I am sharing in detail how to apply Hotstar UK Promo Code: HUNDRED and “save your max money by paying less”.

Hotstar UK Promo Code Offer- Hotstar Annual Pack only £44.99 with promo Code: HUNDRED, Flat £5 discount.

Dealer offers on Annual Hotstar UK Subscription:

1. £5 Instant Discount with promo: HUNDRED

2. $25 Wallet Cashback. (With this offer, you are eligible to get a $25 wallet cashback from Payoneer.)

3. $300 Hotel Saving card. (Dealer Offer)

Note: To receive the offer 2 and 3 click the form and submit your details.

If you love Indian movies, shows, and sports. I think Hotstar is the most suitable option for you. Because Hotstar is an online streaming service that gives you live TV and on-demand content from India as well as select shows and movies from other countries, including UK, USA and Canada. hotstar is a perfect subscription program for anyone who wants to stay tuned in the sports and Indian language content.

Hotstar very popular in India for the live streaming of cricket matches such as IPL, bilateral series, and ICC WC. Though Hotstar is more famous for Cricket, and also streams other sports, such as kabaddi, Hockey, Football, Boxing, Tennis, and more.

The service is owned by STAR India, which one is the most important media network. Max of the sports coverage telecast on Star Sports is available for streaming on Hotstar. Apart from India hotstar is also available in the US, Canada, USA, and some other countries.

Steps to apply hotstar promo code:

Step 1: Click here ”Hotstar Signup Process” and you will be routed to>Sports & Entertainment Page. Click on the start subscription button.

Step 2: Enter all the details such as (Full Name, Email, Password) and Click on Create Account

Step 3Search promo on the page or (Ctrl F from your laptop/Desktop), you will get the text “Promo” as highlighted in the below image “Have a Promo Code? ” Now Enter promo code HUNDRED on option showing ”Have a Promo Code?” then press Apply button. The page will display £44.99 (from £49.99), now enter your credit/debit card details and finish your subscription.

Hotstar Benefits

No Commercials

The big story is that with Hotstar, you can watch movies and TV shows without any commercials.

Available in Multiple Languages

Apart from English, Hotstar steaming is available in many Indian languages such as Hindi, Telugu Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam. 

Live Sports

At Hotstar, you can enjoy the essential live sports events such as Cricket, Badminton Kabaddi, and Hockey. Moreover, you can access to all reply videos, upcoming matches, records, and stats.


Hotstar comes with a full list of 22 most favorite channels such as Hotstar Specials, StarPlus, Life OK, Asianet, MAA Gold, Star World, Select Picks, Fox Live, National Geographic, Star Sports and HD Special.  

Seamless Video Playback

Hotstar’s adaptive video streaming technology adds to the user’s involvement with an excellent video quality, which played back automatically based on the accessible bandwidth, ensuring a high standard on any mobile networks as well as WiFi internet connections.

Smart Search

Hotstar’s hugely optimized content search decreases complexity and delays while surfing and provides specific search results with proper ideas to ease the navigation process and save time.

Friendly User Interface 

Hotstar designed the content based on an in-depth user experience approach and robust design systems so any user can enjoy surfing through the website without being frantic with the breadth of available content.

Hotstar FAQ’s

1. How much annual Hotstar Subscription UK cost? 

Ans: Without Promo code annual package will cost you £49.99, but we have a Special £5 discount when using Promo Code: HUNDRED.

2. Where to get the Biggest Hotstar us subscription offer?

Ans: Hotstar issued Exclusive Promo Code: HUNDRED to get the Biggest Hotstar us subscription offer.

3. When you will get the hotstar Amazon Gift Card?

Ans: Recently, amazon gift card offer ended. However, we have an exclusive HotStar Special 3 offer with promo code: HUNDRED. (you get 10% Discount + £10 code (with £20 Purchase) from Hotstar + £300 Hotel saving gift card).

4. How to watch IPL/ICC Word cup from Hotstar?

Ans: Once you signup Hotstar with Promo Code: HUNDRED, you can be able to watch IPL/ICC word cup from 2 devices.

5. I canceled my subscription within 48 hours. Can I still get a special offer and amazon gift card?

 Ans: No. This offer is only for continuing subscribers. Within 48 hours if you cancel your subscription, you will get your full amount refund. You will not get exclusive offers and all.

6.How to renew Hotstar uk subscription to get all benefits.

Ans: No, You will not be applicable for renewing your old subscription. Hence you have to log in with a new account and use Promo Code: HUNDRED to avail all the exclusive offers.  

7. How can you reach our UK Hotstar customer service for any help?

 Ans: We can call 1833-212-2120 or by sending an email to customer service team will help.

Best US Hotstar Offer Available here.

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Hotstar UK Promo Code: HUNDRED *Verified UK Annul Plan*

If you are looking for "Hotstar UK Promo Code" or "Hotstar UK Subscription Offer". You are in the right place, and in this article, I am sharing in detail how to apply Hotstar UK Promo Code: HUNDRED and “save your max money by paying less”. Hotstar UK Promo Code...

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