HotStar Subscription Annual pack less than $1 per week

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Hotstar subscription

If you are a fan of live sports such as Cricket and Kabaddi. If you love Indian TV shows and movies. Then Hotstar streaming service should not be missing from your personal memberships pack. Hotstar Subscription for a convenient price, you get various amazing online channels with access to 120,000+ hours of TV shows and 3000+ Indian movies plus numerous live sports events anytime and anywhere.

Hotstar Subscription Annual Plan Biggest Discount in The Market with Promo Code: COUPON40 (you can save a lot by paying less)

No matter what kind of device your are using, whether computer, mobile phone, tablet or anything else, just go with the hotstar and get ready to have more fun with any of the content you would love to see. As this is the best platform to get us entertained in the best possible manner, but if you want something more or looking for the premium version by paying an amount, you can move ahead with the same.

Exclusive Special 3 Discount on HotStar Subscription Annual Plan less than $1 per week: Use Hotstar Promo Code: COUPON40 and get 10% Discount + $10 extra gift coupon +  $100 Hotel Gift Card.

Yes, actually the cost of the hotstar premium version is fair, but if you would like to pay less or want to have a great discount, you should look for the 100% authentic and workable hotstar promo code: COUPON40 and you can save a lot of money by paying less. This is very much possible and you can go with and this miracle will surely happen with you only if you have the right source and the right code to apply.

Step by Step Process how to Subscribe Hotstar Annual Plan: Use Hotstar Promo Code: COUPON40

Step 1: Go to>Sports & Entertainment Page. Click on the start subscription button.

Step 2: Fill all the details (Full Name, Email, Password) and Click on Create Account.

Hotstar subscription

Step 3: Search (Ctrl F from your laptop/Desktop) Promo, and you will see the text as highlighted in the below image “Have a Promo Code? ” Now Enter promo code COUPON40 on option showing ”Have a Promo Code?” then press the Apply button. The page will display $44.99 (from $49.99), and that is all you are paying for two(2) Streams. Now Put your credit card details and finish your subscription. Note: In case, Promo code is showing invalid, then delete the cookies and start your process again.

Hotstar subscription

Step 4: You can share expenses with one friend or family because two people can watch at the same time. Hurry Signup Now.

Tricky way >> Annual Plan less then $1 per week >> HotStar Subscription deals 2020: Apply Hotstar PROMO CODE: COUPON40 and get Membership at $44.99. So If you calculate price then it will be $45/53Week = $0.84 Per stream. The bonus point is you can watch this with two devices as Hotstar Single purchase allows to share this with 2 Streams.

Why HotStar Subscription in USA? (Hotstar Benefits):

  • No Commercials disturbing while watching the movie and TV show.
  • Your kid’s favourite animated stories and more
  • Hotstar streaming live sports events such as Cricket, Kabaddi, Badminton, and Hockey. Moreover, you have access to all reply videos, upcoming events, scores, and stats.
  • Hotstar streaming with multiple languages Such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada and Malayalam.
  • Hotstar streaming with a list of 22 most favourite channels including Hotstar Specials, StarPlus, Life OK, Asianet, MAA, MAA Gold, Star World, Select Picks, Fox Live, National Geographic, Plus, Channel V, Star Sports 1 and Star Sports 1 HD Special.

Hotstar FAQ:

1. How much yearly Hotstar Subscription USA cost? Ans: Without Promo code annual package will cost you $49.99 but we have Special 10% discount when applying Promo Code: COUPON40.

2. When will receive Amazon Gift Card?
Ans: The amazon gift card offer ended recently. However, we have exclusive HotStar Special 3 Discount with promo code: COUPON40. (you get 10% Discount + $10 extra gift coupon + $100 Hotel saving gift card).

3. How can we reach our USA Hotstar customer service for any help?
Ans: We can simply call 1833-212-2120 or by sending an email to customer service team will help.

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HotStar Subscription Annual pack less than $1 per week

Get HotStar Annual pack less than $1 per week, Extra $10 gift card If you are a fan of live sports such as Cricket and Kabaddi. If you love Indian TV shows and movies. Then Hotstar streaming service should not be missing from your personal memberships pack. Hotstar...