How to Block a Website on iPhone

by | Apr 22, 2022 | software

Blocking websites on your iPhone can be helpful when you want to limit the amount of time you spend on specific sites or if you are trying to stop yourself from visiting particular sites that trigger bad habits. This article describes how to block websites on your iPhone and how to unblock them if needed.

Open your Safari browser

From here, open up Safari. If you’re an iPhone user, tap on Settings from your phone’s menu bar and scroll down until you see Safari. From there, tap into Safari and click Block Cookies.

Select the ‘Safari’ icon at the bottom of your screen

By default, Safari’s icon is located at the bottom left corner of your screen. Tap it once to open Safari. Click ‘History’: When you’re viewing a website in Safari, tap History at the top-left of your screen (next to Bookmarks). This will display all of your recently visited sites. Scroll through and find one you wish to block: Each entry lists its name and address and an icon.

Tap ‘Blocked’ in the top right-hand corner of your screen

Once you’ve blocked a website, it will be sent directly to ‘Blocked’ in your Safari app, which can be accessed by tapping ‘Safari’ at the bottom of your home screen and then swiping right. It’s impossible for users who haven’t been granted admin privileges on their iPhones or iPads (like kids) to circumvent these blocks.

Enter the URL you want to block and tap ‘Block’.

Open ‘Settings’ and then tap ‘General.’ Tap ‘Restrictions’ if you’ve already set them up; if not, tap ‘Enable Restrictions’, enter your passcode and then turn on restrictions. Tap Websites, then tap Blocked. Tap Add New, enter your passcode, choose which kind of content you’d like to block (you can also select one of several pre-set options), and type in any relevant website addresses.

Your selected web address will now appear under Blocked.

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap Settings > Safari. Scroll down and tap Blocked. Tap Add New, Tap in your website address and then confirm it by tapping Save. Your selected web address will now appear under Blocked. To unblock a website that you’ve blocked: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap Settings > Safari. Scroll down and tap Blocked.

Select ‘Done’ when finished blocking your websites.

When you are finished blocking your websites, click ‘Done.’ If you want to unblock one of these websites in the future, go back into Settings and choose ‘Allowed Websites.’ Next, select your blocked website and choose ‘Unblock’ when prompted. This will unblock your website.

To unblock sites, go back into Settings, tap ‘General,’ then scroll down until you see ‘Safari.’ Tap that and then select ‘Unblock Websites.’ Tap the name of the website you wish to unblock and hit ‘Done.’

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